Why buy a renewed device from suremobiles?

Buying a pre-loved device from us isn’t the same as buying a second-hand device from a private seller. All our devices will be put through rigorous tests using insurance grade standard software to ensure it is in full working order before being sold.  Here at Suremobiles our certified Samsung and Apple engineers test each phone individually; running the device through a thorough diagnostic test before grading and approving for sale.

Once it has been established that the device is in full working order, we will grade the phone on its physical appearance alone. At suremobiles, this falls between Renewed, Excellent, Good and Fair.

A device that is a ‘renewed’ grade will be in a ‘like new’ condition, whereas ‘Excellent’ devices have barely noticeable signs of wear and tear. This means that when you buy renewed, you could get a device that is as good as one you would find in a shop but without the hefty price tag.

For a full overview on how we grade our devices, please see our ‘Grades Explained’ section below. 




No expensive contracts

When you take out a contract with a handset included, a large amount of your monthly bill will be spent paying off your phone, rather than on your minutes, texts and data. Switching to a SIM-only deal could shave off lots of money from your monthly bill as you’ll only be paying for your tariff, rather than for that expensive brand-new smartphone. Our very own employees now use this method of having a replacement device at a fraction of the price.

All the perks

Buying a pre-loved device can come with all the perks you would expect with buying new, including being able to insure your handset. At suremobile we also include a 12-month warranty to ensure you are covered if something isn’t right with your device, with a 14 day return policy in case you change your mind.

Environmentally friendly

If you care about the environment, buying pre-loved rather than brand new is a great way to help the planet. Reusing rather than recycling a phone for its parts is a great way to prolong its lifespan, and if you’re conscious about your carbon footprint and being more green, buying renewed will help you do your bit to lower consumption.